Worlds Adrift: The Most Ambitious Pirate Game Since Black Flag

The team behind I Am Bread is bringing physics to a shattered world infested with sky pirates.


  1. Bring this to console, then it will be one of the most ambitious pirate games there is

  2. I wonder what platforms this game will be available

  3. eh i'll leave it to the Twitchers and Youtubers

  4. My wishlist:
    no man's sky
    sea of thieves
    world's adrift

  5. Its essentialy One Piece in the air XD

  6. I'm worried, there doesn't seem to be end game content other than make a fortified ship with lots of materials on board for repairs. Regardless I'm really interested in the concept. Hope to see more. :]

  7. So in other words….. You are your only friend

  8. Nice pipe dream. When is the game coming out? In 5 years… ah ok. Why not try to show us a game a little closer to completion.

  9. Finally a game that will ruin (Rust) a Garry F-ing Newman creation.

  10. Most ambitious physics game
    I've ever seen

    People say the same thing for food, you know.
    Oh yea that bowl of pasta was the most DELICOUSLY SATISFYING BOWL IVE EVER EATEN

  11. this looks cool for a concept for now, but Sea of Thieves is really the most ambitious pirate game since black flag.

  12. Thank god MMOs are moving in a better direction.

  13. This game looks awesome! How have I not heard of this?!?!

  14. No mans Sky vs Worlds Adrift. Battleborn vs Overwatch, its getting hot in here now

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