You Should Pirate Video Games | A Video Essay

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Intro: 0:00
Part 1 – Piracy Is Preservation: 01:52
Part 10 – Piracy is a Necessity: 11:24
Conclusion – Piracy Is Illegal: 20:12
Outro: 27:00

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Intro –
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Part 1 –
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Conclusion –
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Outro –
Move Me (Ryu☆Remix) – Kohta Takahashi and Ryutaro Nakahara


  1. I’m sure you’ve received enough hate about this, and I’m saying this for your own sake because I really enjoyed your video and think you’re cool. You’re British, people are already going to make snap judgements, but for a content creator who relies on their voice, you need to take speech therapy. If that’s not possible in your realm, your content is luckily good enough to maintain so I hope you succeed as is but all people fall victim to the halo effect, as do I, and I really hope you succeed but I personally think you’d have a better chance if you took speech therapy.

  2. You bring up so many valid points and I love it man. Honestly I agree with you. But the big problem that Piracy has is the cost. People that are just like us that don't have millions of dollars and have kids to feed need games to sell. I agree but as an artist that is planning my own business in photography, I would be devastated if all my hard work, time learning my skills and money put into my craft could be so easily taken away and I get nothing for it in return. I want to make it clear that I agree with your points… It's just in the world we live in, it doesn't care much about how we feel at the end of the day.

  3. As a Balkaner, it's always funny to me seeing westerners be so dodgy about this topic. Piracy is a way of life for us!

  4. I'm syrian , back before 2012 , i had no access to internet, that alone can give you a rough idea of what life i was living. Pc stores were selling pirated games and software, im saying pirated because i know it now , back at that time no body had any idea , we were just buying those cuz thats how it works. After the war that started arround 2013 we moved to turkey and i explored the world of internet and wtf is going on. I started to buy legitimately softwares and games what so ever and i respected the copyright and devs efforts. Now in turkey the prices got up to 200/300% due to the shit economy, and for digital stuff up to 450%. So i guess im going back to my old syrian days and become a pirate again

  5. I simply don't think most games nowadays are worth $60.

  6. As a software dev, I find it pretty ridiculous that the big elephant in the room wasn't mentioned: Piracy is illegal, because not only 20-year-old games are pirated, piracy doesn't just exist in countries where games are "unaffordable", and BY FAR not every pirate who pirates a game ends up buying it. There is a case for pirating ethically (I personally have no qualms about downloading a C64 or NES game – or more modern titles that have essentially been abandoned) – but piracy also means the end of many game studio because games that could have been sold weren't – but were still played. Piracy may be the reason why you never got that sequel to that game you liked, or why your favorite independent dev team is now a subsidiary of EA games.

  7. Will piracy allow me to play MAG again? All I want to do is goon around with my S.V.E.R. bois.

  8. There is an EU study from 2010 that showed piracy has no negative effect on game sales.

  9. I’m Russian and I grew up with my mom mentioning Dendy quite often and I was so shocked and confused to discover it’s a clone of nes or snes, whichever
    Like that was genuinely mindblowing to me

  10. Fun fact: the developers of Hotline Miami 2 condone Australians to pirate the game because it's banned there

  11. Finally a fucking video that isn't retarded on YouTube. The amount of absolute bootlickers that would rather use their entire budget for a game and not eat rather than just fucking pirate the fucking thing.

  12. Hey there, since there's no way to contact you in the "About" section, I'd like to see if it's possible to talk to you about some stuff? Maybe Twitter would work better but I ain't losing anything.

  13. i'd never pirate a PC game, but i'm sure as hell to pirate mobile games

  14. The ps+ streaming has been horrendous since day 1, they've only obscured it more instead of improving it. It's like some exec from Sony had to incorporate one of his dipshit brother's ideas: but moooooom said…..

  15. Makes me proud to see Bomba Patch being talked about outside of Brazil!! It really is the biggest cultural impact on video game here. People who never played games, even older ones got a modded PS2 just to play it and it's updates.

  16. The best versions of the GTA trilogy for PC (III, VC and SA) are the first ones that were ripped from the DVDs in the 2000s. We were never supposed to download them as far as I know. Only that crappy remastered and now this bugged one made by Grove Street Games. And good look finding the original DVDs at a reasonable price and/or good condition.

  17. Bomba Patch probably has Argentina Champion of the World today and Cristiano Ronaldo already signed to Al Nassr

  18. In Piracy We Trust. Long Live Piracy 🏴‍☠️🦜

  19. Playing pirated games is just a right because internet is a free platform and if you cant handle that, then you shouldn't get into these kind fo business. First, we should take down big companies which are implementing micro transaction and online necessitry for DRM. Do not buy games from EA, Bethesda, Blizzard, etc. Only buy indie games if they are good. Support those only. Let the big companies go bankruptcy. They should get their lesson. Dont buy ps5. As stated in the video, you wont be even able to play your ps5 games because they will shut down store and servers at somepoint. They did it for ps3. I have a ps3 and I know it. In my country, they dont even bother to sell the games with my currency and it is very hard to add funds into your wallet. So you have the device but cant buy any games. You cant face with this problem in personel computers. Pirated games are the only good thing gamers have. Think what would game companies do if we dont have piracy option. They are adding micro transaction in the games anyway, eventhough the piracy is a threat for them. They dont even care about piracy otherwise, they wouldnt add online option, open world and microtransaction in every fvcking game. Play pirated game and let them fck themselves.

  20. bomba patch is so famous in brazil because it is 100% atualizado🥵🥵, for you to understand how recent the updates are: Cristiano Ronaldo, who gladly posted a photo with the shirt of the new Arab team he will play for, already has a version of the bomb patch of him playing

  21. I live in a south asian country & even a few years ago, the only way to play PC games was to buy pirated copies of games which were burned into CDs.

    The thing is, piracy is very common in third world countries. This is how gaming started in most of the third world countries. Our Currencies have less value. When an official copy of a game almost costs a person's whole week's earning, it becomes a luxury thing for rich kids.

  22. Just a reminder the whole dbz fighter z game COMPLETED cost almost 2 ps5

  23. I am from Brazil, and i love Mario games, i've played all the classics from the original 1983 Super Mario Bros to Super Mario 64, but till this day, i couldn't play any Mario game from gamecube to switch, because it's impossible to find original gamecubes, and gamecube games. You might me thinking "you can play the gamecube Mario games on a wii" and the answer is YES, i can, i can buy a used wii for 300 reais (something around 60 dolars), but i can't find original wii games, so if i want to play Super Mario Galaxy, the easiest way to play is downloading a ROM on the internet and play it on a modified wii. The wii u and the switch are even worse, Nintendo didin't even releases the wii u in Brazil, a wii u original game is harder to find than a super nintendo original game, and the swtich got "oficialy" released in Brazil last year "2021 i think". So now i can play Super Mario Odissey legaly? yes, i can, but i i want to do it, i neeed 2500 reais (2200 reais for the console and 300 for the game, 500 dolars), 2500 reais it's 2x the minimum wage, só i basicaly need to work two months without spending A SINGLE PENNY. Another option is downloading CEMU (wii u emulator) or YUZU (switch emulator) and pirate the games, but is ilegal.

  24. This whole video seems more so about presenting a case as to why video game piracy is permissible. Not why it is a moral imperative.

  25. Me when I saw that disc being cut up: Downright furious howls of storytelling pain and agony sighs it's only just an M rated game after, not much loss.

  26. Bro you had me dying of laughter at the end when you said one of the games was pirated

  27. This video was super informative and entertaining. Well done!

  28. 🇭🇰 Lottery248 - Satellite 0 - VOLP says:

    paying for a game but you do no own the right of usage of it (just like DRMs) already constitutes a importance of piracy.

    on the other hand, if piracy is stealing, absolute ignorance is far more impactful than it.

  29. Absolutely fantastic video, as a south american im so happy you considered our perspectives

  30. This is a really interesting video essay, learned a lot here. But for the love of god learn what Fascism is and isn’t

  31. So this explains why PC Master Race is getting a lot of crap ports lately, if they do PC ports correctly, it would be a threat to the videogame console business.

  32. Criminally underrated, you are the best.

  33. Wii U and 3DS eShops are down, so now it's piracy time. Long life the Wii U and 3DS!

  34. You fool, you should not pirate video games. Anyone that does is a dirty thief.

  35. Bring back Demo's or something like gamepass ,people want to know if they will get what they pay for . if its a horrible mess ,then people would have an understanding wherever they want to buy it or not ,unless you are the devs who flatout attack their own consumers ,like what happened to Metro Exodus but everyone knows what happened there , the other reason why people pirate is because they don't want Denuvo to ruin their game experiance.

  36. The Official "Guardian Units of Nations" Channel says:

    Help i think i mistook what you where saying and now i turn into a skeleton in moonlight who cannot feel anything.

  37. You have failed to sway me. 😢😢😢 On most things

  38. Man, ı know pirating games or else isn't good but they don't put fair costs for the games like
    RDR2 cost 1150 TL (think like 1150 dollars) and ı can't even think about other people who is worse so…

  39. If you're paying $70 for a "remake" or remaster of a decade old game you're just a fool and a sap.

  40. retro games are expensive, it might as well Be an obligation

  41. Hi everyone, Thanks for the great response to the video, it's very hard to respond to every comment because I've never had a video get this popular but just know that I appreciate all of it, even if you just left a like.

    I also realised that I forgot to link the games I mention in the conclusion you should support in the description until now, so I'll leave them here in the pinned comment because you should buy and play all of them

    Quantum Bummer Blues:

    Pom Pom:

    Fatum Betula:

    Spark 3:

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